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A clean room has never been so important…just think, your kids may see this someday!

A Clean Room | Wedding Tip 011 | Evermoore Films

When I was young, my mother made cleaning fun. We had a variety of games that we’d make up in order to motivate my brothers and sisters and I to clean our rooms thoroughly and quickly. One was that “The Queen” was coming to visit. We’d have a contest to see who could clean their rooms the best and make it most appealing. We’d make our beds, put away our toys, open the blinds, and even put soft music on in the background or spray some air freshener around the room!

Then we’d hear a five-minute warning and soon a knock on the door as “The (Mother) Queen” would inspect our room for dust and messes with spectacles low (and possibly even a tall princess hat). I never remember who won but I do remember running downstairs and finding freshly baked chocolate-chip cookies sitting on the counter as a surprise reward. Once I think I even got a “I Can Clean My Room” ribbon.

These wonderful childhood memories have stayed with me and occasionally come to mind as I pick up laundry on the floor for the 7,316th time. But for a wedding video, it’s worth it. Telling a story with interruptions and distractions can be hard, and in the same way, filming a room full of hangers and dirty socks can be equally challenging. We like to remind our brides and grooms (yes, both – and their maids and men!) to keep a clean room on the morning of the wedding – as much as possible. It makes our job easier and your video cleaner 🙂

Greg and Hillary were a sweet couple who chose a hotel room to get ready in so that it would be less to clean, more open space for photos and video, and an easy location to get to the wedding on time! The bed is made and suitcases packed. We don’t expect perfection, but every little bit helps. Great job Greg and Hillary on a clean room – you inspire other couples!

Keeping things tidy will pay off!