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Two options: you can work WITH the sun or AGAINST the sun but you cannot DENY the sun.

Sunset Guide | Wedding Tip 012 | Evermoore Films

The sun will shine when and where it will. It is always predictable but not always friendly. Sometimes it can shine in the most inconvenient places. But since the sun is always trustworthy, we can predict it with pristine accuracy. By consulting a sunset guide, you can find out the path of the sun on any given day. If you have an outdoor ceremony, what better day to check then your wedding day!

Jake and Brittany did an awesome job of planning out their ceremony time to fall at a convenient angle for the sun. The bride and groom looked stunning, and we were so thankful for the perfect lighting for this epic movie scene. Smiles at a wedding are a joy, but when you can see them clearly, they’re a joy for a lifetime as you look back on photos and video from your wedding day.

Enjoy Jake & Brittany’s Wedding Highlight Film here and see for yourself the beautiful light during their ceremony.