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Walking Shoes | Wedding Tip 013 | Evermoore Films

A wedding day is full of beautiful people and beautiful things. It’s a special occasion to buy a special dress and a special pair of shoes. But sometimes the beautiful things just aren’t quite practical. The dress may have petticoats but weigh a ton; the shoes might match but be uncomfortable. Such pain women put themselves through that men usually don’t understand…”But it’s pretty!” they say.

This is a great tip for brides (or for researching grooms to help their busy brides) to be beautiful but also practical. When its time for photos at a scenic park, grab a pair of flats (plain, fun, or special) and save those shoes for the dance floor. With a floor-length dress no one will notice the missing heels. Trust me, your toes will thank you later!

Ashley found a beautiful pair of shoes for “something blue” as the tradition goes. Check out Joseph & Ashley’s wedding highlight film below.