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Set the Date | Wedding Tip 014 | Evermoore Films

Many couples are so excited to get engaged but they just don’t know how to begin planning a wedding. “Who do I call first?” “What happens next?” “How do I know who to hire?” There are many questions being asked, but few being answered. Well, our tip for you today is Number One: Set the Date. While this may seem obvious at first, it is a good reminder to start simple.

It is true. Occasionally we get phone calls from couples who are just so excited to book their videographer or cinematographer and photographer that they haven’t even set the date yet. We like to help narrow it down and ask 1) Do you want an indoor wedding or an outdoor wedding? and 2) What season do you prefer? Most couples get married on the weekend so that family and friends can attend, so that narrows it down even further. Then, choose a few dates and make sure key people (like parents and best friends) can make it and Wah-Lah! You’ve set your date!

In some cases we have a few couples who need to change their date after they set it, due to unforeseen circumstances. As long as we’re still available on your new date we don’t have a problem with a date change, but at least setting it on the calendar is the first big step.

Mackey  & Courtney came to us with their date ready to go and we had no problem booking a contract with them to set their date. View their wedding highlight here: