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Non-monochromatic | Wedding Tip 016 | Evermoore Films

It’s true. We think wedding we think white. We think white dress, white cake, white flowers, white everything. And yet…everyone knows that too much of a good thing can be a bad thing. With weddings, there are two paths to take. One, EVERYTHING is white. Maybe a little natural green leaves in the bouquets would pass but other than that NO color and ALL natural ALL white to emphasis the simple beauty of the day. Sometimes that’s just not practical and sometimes that’s just not tasteful (according to each bride and groom of course), so many people choose the alternative: add some color!

The best part about color is that the more color you add, the more the white stands out, whether that’s the bride’s white dress, the white dishes on the table, or the white icing on the cake. John & Katee had a beautiful color palette they chose for their exotic wedding. Married at the San Diego Safari Park, Katee chose flower bouquets perfect for the occasion with plenty of vibrant colors and even some zebra striped ribbons to match the men. Take a peek…