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Sparkle and Shine | Wedding Tip 018 | Evermoore Films

It may have been months or for some years, but back when he handed her that ring it was full of diamonds, sparkles, and shining prisms. Throughout the many appointments of wedding planning, wedding registry, and wedding cake tasting, the shine starts to fade and the rainbow prisms disappear. Not a reflection of lessened love but merely a reminder to CLEAN THAT RING!

Besides the photographer and videographer who will want a few creative shots of the ring, every girlfriend, granma, and girl under 10 will be dying to ask the question “Can I see your ring, please?” While preparing for your wedding don’t forget (or don’t forget to remind your fiancé) to take in your ring to your jeweler and have him shine it up and clean it out. You’ll want to do this close to your wedding date so it can bounce off the sun rays with joy as a reflection of the love of you and your hubby. Sure, this tip mostly applies to the bride’s ring, but guys you can shine off those smudges of your ring too!

Mitchell and Angela had an outdoor wedding at Junior League of Bakersfield and they enjoyed happy, sunny weather that was perfect for showing off their rings. Take a peek at their wedding highlight video here: