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Chapstick | Wedding Tip 021 | Evermoore Films

The bride may reapply her lipstick throughout the day. For the groom, he’ll need chapstick. Between the photographer, videographer or cinematographer, parents, family, and friends everyone will make sure you give each other plenty of kisses to show your love for each other on your wedding day. Whether that’s during couple photo/video time or during dinner to the clinking of flute glasses, you’ll be kissing again and again. But, of course, how hard is that when today, your wedding day, is the best day of your life so far!

Kyle & Breann were a sweet young couple that were super excited about getting their wedding filmed. We met Breann & her mom months ago and they were so happy we were available for their date. It’s so neat to see two people in love…and so excited about getting a wedding video!