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All Accessories | Wedding Tip 024 | Evermoore Films

Everyone knows that the wedding day is a whirlwind. You’ve planned so long and thought so hard about every last detail. So when the big day comes, be sure the details don’t get lost in the shuffle. Plan a designated spot for the wedding bling so that those who need to know know where to look when needed. Have a basket or box to put all the small items in – the rings, necklace, bracelets, shoes…and a spot for your sunglasses, purse, dress, coat, suitcase or any other little detail you don’t want to forget at the reception, in the car, or for the honeymoon.

Jilberto & Alexandra had their goodies all set to go when we arrived as seen in the Wedding Tip above. We walked in, set up a scene, and shot away. Something super cute they added as a unique touch was the labeled ring boxes, “Mr.” and “Mrs.”. This made a great background for the wedding rings! See for yourself in their Classic Wedding Highlight Film: