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Hire a Pro | Wedding Tip 023 | Evermoore Films

It’s true. The most important question is not “How much do you cost?” Yes, we all know that there are real limits to a wedding budget. But one of the hardest decisions and biggest regrets couples have is not knowing where to pinch and save and where to stand firm on quality. Photos and video are in the same category here: you get what you pay for.

If you’re not sure who to hire, take a look around. Do your research. Think about what is most important to you. Write down your list of what you want in photos or video and then be open to change if you realize you missed something. If you find someone you really like but keep price shopping and end up with someone else only a few hundred dollars less, think about the difference it may make in the long run. Granted, nothing may ever go wrong and you may get exactly what you wanted and were expecting…but there’s also the possibility that you’re going to regret going for the cheapest guy in town. As we tell our couples: remember, the wedding happens only once in a lifetime.

John and Samantha got it right. They hired a pro. Ashley from Ashley dePencier Photography has been shooting weddings for years. She’s got her lists, knows how to make you look good, and won’t let you down. Looking for a professional photographer? Contact Ashley. Want to know more about Ashley? Ask John & Samantha. (With Ashley dePencier, Cassandra from Fairy Godmother is helping the family photos go smoothly!)