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Couple First | Wedding Tip 027 | Evermoore Films

Months before the wedding you’re already thinking about the dinner menu. Should we have chicken or steak…or both? Broccoli salad or anti-pasta? It all sounds delicious – and of course it will be! Just make sure you get a bite too! Of course, one of the last things on your mind (okay, this might exclude the groomsmen) is stopping to relax and enjoy this delightful dinner you paid for and planned out months ago.

So in order to give you a little more down time to just stop and relax, plan to be served. Ask your coordinator or Best Man or another reliable friend to serve you a full plate of goodies (dinner first, dessert later) so that you don’t miss out on enjoying your first few hours together as newlyweds. Some couples plan to have dinner served by the caterer. GREAT! Make sure they feed the bride and groom first…then the bridal party…then the photographer and cinematographer (more details about this later)…then the parents and close family…then all the remaining guests. It’s good to be humble and go last, but on the wedding day you’ll be doing everyone a bigger favor if you act like the honored guests you are and “take the first bite”.

Jonathan and April chose to have a morning ceremony with a waffle bar! Breakfast on a mountain – what a fun treat! Mossman’s Catering provided a delicious array of food and De Coeur Bake Shop baked a giant cinnamon bun for dessert…a meal to remember, for sure!