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Makeup Timing | Wedding Tip 030 | Evermoore Films

Timelines are important. An organized schedule is important. And if you can afford to hire a coordinator they’ll agree with us that it’s important to plan things ahead of time! Notoriously, the bridal party gets off schedule one way or another on a wedding day and the more we can plan ahead to minimize that the better. Often the first vendor to arrive, the makeup artist you choose plays a big role in helping the timing of your wedding day go smoothly.

When you’re researching makeup artists a great question to ask is how much time they will need to spend with you, the bride. Once you’ve decided if you will have them also do your bridesmaids makeup, be sure to ask about timing for them too. Plan in enough time in your schedule to have both you and your bridesmaids (oh, and don’t forget the mother of the bride and mother of the groom!) to have their makeup done in a timely manner than won’t throw off the entire schedule of the day. A little buffer time doesn’t hurt anyone – even if that means dressing up for photos and then just relaxing around a bit!

Brandon & Katie had a beautiful wedding filled with beautiful people – both inside and out. Katie hired a makeup artist to help her look her best on her wedding day and Brandon sure enjoyed it too! Take a peek at their wedding highlight, filmed at the Bell Tower Club in Bakersfield, CA.