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Cloud Nine | Wedding Tip 031 | Evermoore Films

Don’t be afraid to dance the night away! And just a small tid-bit to think about…while you’re dancing and enjoying yourself, take the time to “be” with each other. The first dance is a special moment when just you and your new spouse get to be together and enjoy a meaningful song together, smiling, talking, and enjoying the day. But do take some time to stop talking and just smile and enjoy the moments – just you two. Your photographer and cinematographer will be oh so happy and later once you see the final projects, you will too!

Kyle & Breann had a beautiful wedding day and thoroughly enjoyed their first few hours of being husband and wife. They were both full of smiles during their first dance as husband and wife, and without even knowing them you can just “see” their love they have for each other! Here’s a short sneak peek of their day…