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Watch the Clock | Wedding Tip 034 | Evermoore Films

Any bride will tell you that a wedding day is full of details. Some people like to plan general ideas and a general sequence of events while others like to plan down to how many minutes it takes to walk from the hair salon to the car in the parking lot (true story!). Having a point-person in charge or a day-of coordinator is crucial to things getting done. Things like making sure people know before the wedding day when to arrive and where.

There’s no chaos like getting a phone call 2 minutes before the ceremony from grandma and grandpa who pulled into the wrong church and are asking where are all the people…or wondering where the Best Man is when the photographer is trying to take group photos! Plan to give out exact addresses to everyone before the day and to remind them where to be at what times. This is important for the bridesmaids and groomsmen – “What hotel, which room, who’s getting there first, do I bring everything?” – to parents and grandparents – “Where do I meet you, I don’t want to be in your way, will you have our boutonnieres and corsages, are you sure you got enough to eat?” Then ON the day, be sure your coordinator (the person in charge of the clock – whoever that is) stays on top of things and tells people what to do when so you don’t have to manage everyone and be in control, but so that you can relax and enjoy your wedding day!

Andrew & Samantha chose an intimate destination wedding in Santa Barbara, CA at the Santa Barbara Courthouse. Without their pre-planned schedule it wouldn’t been crazy to figure out who was where and when to get ready, but they were able to relax much more and just follow the schedule. This doesn’t mean that you can’t adjust the schedule, but at least start with a schedule so that you can adjust if needed, rather than just trying to “wing it” all day. Andrew & Samantha were able to enjoy their wedding day and so did their family and friends! Check out this classic highlight titled “A Lovey-Dovey Movie”…