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Do It Again! | Wedding Tip 035 | Evermoore Films

Something fun we encourage couples to do at their wedding reception is to “Do it Again!” When you throw the bouquet or when you throw the garter you’ve really only got once chance. Whoever catches it catches it – you can’t call a re-do…unless of course it hits the ceiling or goes out of bounds! So a way photographers and videographers like to get the most out of this silly tradition is by having you fake throw the bouquet as the DJ announces, “1…2…3!”

Guests don’t usually expect a fake throw and it sends the crowd into a roll of laughter AND gives you extra photo opportunities for you and the crowd behind you. As with any surprise at wedding, be sure to let the photographer, videographer, and in this case maybe even the DJ know ahead of time too that you plan on doing this so that the vendors know what to expect and can capture it and make it go smoothly for all of the unsuspecting guests!

Richie & Sydnee had a fun time celebrating at their wedding reception and enjoyed planning the details of everything down to what to do during the toss. Their DJ, JC from AllSound Music Entertainment, did a great job of announcing each event and keeping their guests clued in to what was next while photographers Boone and Stacie from Boone & Stacie Weddings were thankful for just a few extra shots with that “fake throw.”