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Healthy Habits | Wedding Tip 037 | Evermoore Films | Friends don't let friends faint. Healthy bite-sized finger foods like veggies, meat, and cheese are a great spread to munch on while you're getting ready.

Now choosing a caterer is not hard to forget. Everyone loves to go food-tasting and we’ve got to make sure there will be plenty of food at any gathering of two or more people. While the emphasis on the wedding feast is not forgotten, the lunch of the day can easily get overlooked. The poor starving men might make a Taco Bell run if their tummies don’t stop growling. And no one wants the bride to faint from an empty stomach! So plan your healthy habits now!

One of the easiest ways to get this done is to designate one person to prepare lunch for the entire bridal party (or whoever will be around the house getting ready) and make sure some munchies are delivered to both the girls and the guys on time. A platter of veggies, bowl of grapes, or a meat and cheese spread are perfect munchies that won’t spill and ruin everything but that will provide enough protein to keep you going. Save the seven-course meal for dinner and grab finger foods for lunch. Wedding jitters will make you not want to eat, but you’ve GOT to eat something – even if it’s small and not much. Of course, stay hydrated too!

John & Kristin hired Katie from Katie Camp Soiree to be their coordinator and help plan all those little details that so easily get forgotten. We’re happy to report that no bride, groom, bridesmaid, or groomsmen fainted at their wedding! Grab a sneak peek of their wedding day through their wedding highlight film below: