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Sit Down | Wedding Tip 038 | Evermoore Films | Be sure you try sitting in your wedding dress before you say "Yes" to the final fitting. Try both walking and sitting...and being able to breathe would be nice!

In the excitement of wedding jitters and the thought that today you could take your wedding dress home from the shop, be careful not to jump the gun and leave too early. Stop and take the time to walk around a bit in your wedding dress to make sure it fits just perfect. We’ve all been to clothing stores where we try a cute outfit on at the store but then come home to find a stain that magically appeared, a tear, some long threads, or it just plain doesn’t look good on us anymore. As perhaps the most expensive dress you will EVER buy, your wedding dress needs to be just the way you want it!

When you go in for your final fitting in the weeks or months before your big day, bring your wedding shoes and try on the dress to see the true length it will be. Walk around on carpet and tile – especially if you plan on walking outside or in any grass – and make sure you can still breathe in it after a few minutes. Stand up, sit down, twirl, do a little dance, and see how the dress “feels” as you imagine yourself on your wedding day. The last thing you want to do is be distracted by your dress on your wedding day!

David & Bess had a Catholic ceremony and sat down on small benches. With a corset-back dress, Bess was a stunning bride and didn’t faint even once the entire day! Bess wore a LA Sposa dress from Lovella Bridal and David wore a suit from Friar Tux.