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Cell Phones Off |Wedding Tip 039 | This goes for everyone in the bridal party, but most importantly the groom. Don't let us see it or hear it! Focus on the bride as she walks down the aisle.

You’d think this tip is unnecessary, right? Well…we’ve seen it happen. Imagine that the ceremony has started and all eyes are up front. The maid of honor and best man have just taken their places and the music fades in transition to the entry of the bride. For some the most exciting moment of the day – when the doors fly open (or when the bride turns the corner) and the groom’s face lights up in a smile as – after years of waiting – he finally see his beloved in the most beautiful way he ever has…adorned as a bride!

But then suddenly…a noise…a tune…a cell phone. The groom’s eyes grow big with shock and he discreetly glances at his best man as if to say, “Is that you or me?” He looks down and fumbles through his pockets to silence what’s left of the tune is playing.

No, it’s not that bad – it could have been worse. But it’s such a simple problem that could be so easily fixed…if only he had remembered to turn his cell phone off. Don’t let that be you! If needed, set a reminder on your phone 1 hour before the ceremony to turn your phone OFF or give it to someone else! Then there will be no worries and no confused brides!

Thankfully this wasn’t Bryce and Laura!

Bryce and Laura were married at Miramonte Winery in Temecula, CA with a small party of friends and family. They planned every little detail of their wedding and definitely remembered to turn their cell phones off! One of the cutest things we saw was the look the best man gave the groom as the groom watched the bride walk down the aisle. We had no worries with Bryce and Laura and they were such a sweet couple to work with!