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Hair Timing | Wedding Tip 040 | Evermoore Films | Your hair stylist will typically love one and a half to two hours with just the bride. This will include time for re-dos and any last-minute changes. Plan it in!

It’s hard to imagine all the details that go in to a wedding day. And for many brides their own wedding is the first wedding they’re even a part of! Planning in all the events and not forgetting anyone or anything can be easy when you don’t have a friend or coordinator who’s done it before. So whether you’re working with a wedding planner or planning a DIY wedding, these wedding tips can help you think ahead about all the upcoming details for your wedding day!

One of those little things that make a huge difference is planning out how much time you need to spend on getting your hair done. As one of the first things that happens in a day, hair must be started on time and not go too late, otherwise your groom might get nervous at the altar wondering when you’re ever going to get there! Most hair stylists ask for one and a half to two hours of time just with the bride. If the bridesmaids are getting done too, then they’ll need to be scheduled earlier or by someone else so that everyone has plenty of time to get ready. Occasionally, the bride will want a change or re-do or add an extra flower or jewel to her hair. Plan in “buffer time” to allow for these hiccups and delays so that one little change doesn’t throw the entire schedule off!

Joel (also known as Joey) & Michel got married at The Bell Tower Club in Bakersfield and had plenty of time to get ready and still enjoy the day! Love seeing the shots of the girls hanging out together while they were still getting ready at The Padre Hotel – fun memories to look back on!