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Love Story | Wedding Tip 041 | Evermoore Films | Once you gain a spouse you lose your fiance forever. Tell your love story while it's still fresh in your mind: how you met, fell in love, and journeyed on.

A love story is a beautiful thing. No two love stories are the same because no two couples are the same. Everyone has their own story about how they met, fell in love, met family, how he proposed, how she said yes (or maybe no at first!). And someday you’ll want to pass along your love story and tell it to others – to your kids, your grand-kids, and maybe even your great grand-kids! What a better way than to stop and capture those precious moments now, before life being married hits and before you forget the cutest little details of your own story! Remember, once you gain a fiance, you lose your girlfriend or boyfriend forever. And once you gain a spouse you lose your fiance forever! Capture these special moments while they’re still here because life will only continue changing and you’ll want to look back on these days to remember your young love.

Now there are plenty of creative ways to tell a story. We can travel back in time to the original spot where a bride and groom first met, we can re-enact the proposal scene, we can just hang out and get some pretty footage of you two having a good time together, and so much more. The love story is also a great way to introduce your future spouse to friends and family who are far away who won’t get a chance to meet them before the wedding. By catching up on you two through video, they are able to experience a taste of what has been going on for the past few months or years as they see your love bloom for each other. So if you have close friends or family from out of town, out of state, out of country, over-seas, a Love Story Film is a perfect way to help them understand your best friend whom you have chosen to marry and to love for the rest of your life!

Michael & Monica had a sweet love story as high school sweethearts from the start. Having met at Bakersfield Christian High School, they had their eyes on each other for quite sometime. But when he popped the question on the pier at Avila Beach, Monica was speechless and couldn’t believe this day had finally come – that they were to be married forever…for sure! We’ll let them tell you their own love story…