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Contact List | Wedding Tip 044 | Evermoore Films | Keep all phone numbers of all vendors in one place, printed so that others can access if necessary. Emergencies do happen so plan ahead!

A wedding can’t happen without organization. If you’re a disorganized bride, you’ll be a stressed bride. That’s one of the many reasons why hiring a wedding planner is so important. While you’re looking around for what to invest in for your wedding there are a few things you can’t do without no matter how much money you have. First, a place to get married – of course! Second, a way to remember your promises to each other – a photographer and cinematographer! And third – someone to keep you on track and to take care of the nitty gritty details while you’re in la-la-land (believe me, we were there too!). Of course the wedding flowers and hair and makeup and tuxedos and wedding dress and limousine and wedding favors and Pinterest decor and shoes and rings and jewelry and champagne and wedding cake and dancing and twinkle lights and photo booth and invitations and food and alterations and guest book are all important TOO! BUT…all those things can’t happen – or happen on time, or happen in the right place, or happen without a hitch – without an experienced, cheerful, and go-getter wedding planner.

We’ve learned over the years that there actually is a big difference between a wedding coordinator and a wedding planner. Now a wedding planner can also be a wedding coordinator and a wedding coordinator can also be a wedding planner, but be sure you know the difference and know which one(s) you’re hiring! Some coordinators focus primarily on the decor. You’ll be disappointed if you hired them and were expecting a vendor point-person. Some coordinators direct the rehearsal and ceremony line-up. You’ll be disappointed if you hired and and were expecting a personal bride assistant. Now there’s nothing wrong with having a person in charge of decor or the ceremony or the reception – in fact, IT’S GREAT and IT’S NECESSARY! Without them you’d be left to do it all YOURSELF! But a wedding planner is one director in charge of everyone.

In summary, they do everything! They help the bride choose vendors, scout wedding venues, stay in budget, keep up with deadlines, attend appointments, direct the rehearsal, run errands for the bride on the wedding day, coordinate with all the vendors, pin on the boutonnieres, talk through wedding etiquette, incorporate new ideas and traditions, keep in communication regularly, stuff invitations, help with thank-you notes, and provide endless advice and tips on all things wedding! When interviewing coordinators and planners, be sure you ask for a list of what services they provide and what is included in what you’re getting – that way everyone is on the same page and if you’re missing anything you know you’ll need someone else to help otherwise that job might not get done! And of course, they’ll be SURE to have a contact list to keep phone numbers handy in case of emergency during the day so they can contact all vendors and the bridal party.

Now, don’t be alarmed…if a wedding coordinator or wedding planner just isn’t in your budget and there’s just no way it will work, this tip still applies to you! You’ll still need someone to run the errands, deliver water bottles, make lunch and make sure the bride doesn’t keep the groom waiting at the altar too long! And you’ll still need someone to make and keep and contact list handy on the wedding day in the even that (and just assume there will be) something that goes a little off schedule.

Robert and Rachel were by no means disorganized! With the help of her real-live Fairy Godmother, Rachel floated through the day in utter happiness, enjoying her groom, entertaining her guests, and not worrying about a single thing. If anything came up it went straight to a nearby fairy and they took care of it and “Poof!” the problem was gone as far as she knew. If you’re planning your wedding and have realized that you’re going to need a lot of help and are looking for someone who will not only get the job done right but make you feel like a real fairytale princess, then fly on over to the Fairy Godmother website right now! Check out this list of services included if you hire Fairy Godmother as your wedding planner!


Starring: Robert & Rachel

Cinematographer: Evermoore Films
Officiant: Father Craig from St. Francis of Assisi Parish
Wedding Planner: Fairy Godmother A Wedding And Event Planning Company
Photographer: C&B Pictures
Photo Booth: Time of My Life and The Westchester Downtown 
The Limousine Scene
DJ/MC: Freestyle Event Services
Ice Scupltor: Iced Events
Catering: NV Catering
CakeGimmie Some Sugar
Bartender: Broker Express
Security: Empire Security 
Personal Flowers: House of Flowers
Ceremony Flowers: Make it Happen
Cake Flowers: Make it Happen
Table Flowers:
Cherry Blossom Bouquets
Walker-Lewis Rents
Matinae Design Studio
AJ’s Tuxedo
Bridal Dress Brand
: David Tutera
Bridal Dress Shop: Enchanted Bridal Boutique
Dress Alterations: Mary Rita from Sew Elegant Bridal Veils and Alterations
Hair Stylist: Alivia Daniels
Makeup Artist
: Itzel from Ilashdolls Makeup

Preps Venue: The Padre Hotel
Ceremony Venue: St. Francis of Assisi Parish
Reception Venue: The Westchester Downtown
Location: Bakersfield, CA

Fairy Godmother A Weddding and Event Planning Company | Robert & Rachel | Wedding Highlight | Evermoore Films

The Fairies at Robert & Rachel’s wedding!