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Proposal Film | Wedding Tip 051 | Evermoore Films | Calling all future Grooms! Getting ready to propose? Think about how you might want to capture the first moments of your engagement forever...on film.


There comes a time in almost every man’s life when the hands start to shake and the knee hits the ground. As nervous as he is, this becomes one of the most important moments in his life – when he proposes to his future wife. It is such a sweet moment (even though it may feel like years) and every man prepares his own little speech in his own little way – so special, so unique, and so perfect for this newly formed “couple.” As soon as the proposal is over and she said yes and they jump up and down, all smiles and maybe a few tears, it is a time in life that they will talk about for years to come. First, they’ll spread the news to their family and closest friends. Then, they might blast on social media, sharing the good news to world wide web. And later, perhaps some snail mail to distant relatives, near and far, inviting them all to their wedding day – a day a celebration, commemoration, and declaration of a public commitment that yes, they both really meant “Yes!”

It’s truly such a special moment in life – all the moments, yes, but the proposal most specifically. The mystery of the age is “Yes, but HOW is he going to propose?” Big and fancy, small and simple, quiet and private, public and planned? There are so many possibilities, so many ideas, but only one perfect way for her. Once the man has decided just how to reel in his catch, how to pop the question, and which knee to bend down on, there’s just one more question he has to settle. Will I document this moment for us to look back on?

Will I hire a photographer? Will I hire a videographer? Will I catch this moment on camera!? Will we frame this on our wall, or pop in the DVD player every anniversary – or the 16th of every month? Do I want to plan ahead and make sure that this short but meaningful speech is recorded for our kids to hear? Do I want my grandkids to snuggle up with me in 50 years with big eyes as they ask once more, “Tell us the story of when you married grandpa!” These moments are memories that we make and share and keep for a lifetime. Sometimes there are no cameras, no recorders, and all we have is our brains and our fast-fading memory. But sometimes we have the chance to plan ahead for something special and freeze time, relive it again and again. So when you have the opportunity, don’t pass it up. Grab a camera, hit record, hire a cinematographer, do whatever it takes to remember the moment so you won’t forget it, and every time you go back in time to “that one day” look at your spouse, smile, and give him/her a kiss and say, “I love you!”

Roman planned a unique proposal for HillaryJane. So well thought out and so well executed – she had NO idea and didn’t see it coming a mile away! It was perfect! Click the video below to go back in time and see what happened on December 16th, 2015…




Groom-to-Be: Roman
Bride-to-Be: HillaryJane


Producer: Evermoore Films
Cinematographer: Joshua Moore


Location: Dry river bed
City: Bakersfield, California


She said YES and they got married! To see their full Wedding Highlight Video, click the link below!



Starring Actor: Roman
Starring Actress: HillaryJane

Producer: Evermoore Films
Cinematography: Joshua & Emily Moore
Coordinator: Sarah Zervis
Photography: Jonah & Lindsay Long
DJ: DJ Aslan
Officiant: Steve Swartz from Grace Bible Church of Bakersfield
Ceremony Prelude: Antoine Bradford
Ceremony Live Music: Darren Wiebe & Samuel Moore
Rentals: Best Party & Event Rentals
Catering: Hodel’s Country Dining & Gutierrez Family
Cake: Tarryn
Floral Design: Staci Woodward
Fire Dancer: Bryan Sadler
Tuxedos: Men’s Wearhouse
Bridal Dress: Galina – David’s Bridal
Alterations: Sew Elegant Bridal Veils & Alterations
Jeweler: Jared The Galleria Of Jewelry
Bride Hair Stylist & Makeup Artist: Maribel – Serenity
Bridesmaids Hair & Makeup: Gillian Townsley & Brighton Prentice

Venue: Private Residence
Location: Bakersfield, California

To check out HillaryJane’s music: https://www.youtube.com/user/itsHillaryJane

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