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Grandpa Dance | Wedding Tip 055 | Is your Grandpa, Grandfather, or Grandpappy special to you? Honor him in a sweet way on your wedding day. How about a Grandpa-Granddaughter dance?


Dancing is an important part of the wedding reception. First, we have the First Dance, then there’s the Father-Daughter Dance, the Mother-Son Dance, the Anniversary Dance, the Money Dance…etc. Some little girls practice their Father-Daughter Dance years before they even meet the man of their dreams. But there’s another idea for girls who have a special relationship with their grandpa. We call it the Grandpa Dance…or Grandfather Dance, or Grandpappy Dance.

If you have a special relationship with someone that you want to honor, make a special dance with them. Pick their favorite song or pick a song that reminds you of them. Then years from now you’ll be able to show your kids their great grandpa and what a special man he was. You never know how long these special people will be around so take advantage of every moment you can to make a special memory. What a sweeter way to say “I love you, Grandpa” than to honor him with a Grandpa-Granddaughter Dance on  your wedding day.

Jake and Brittany chose to do just that. Brittany wanted to have both her father and her grandfather walk her down the isle during the wedding ceremony, and she wanted to make sure they each got their own honorary dance. Watch the video below to see how Jake and Brittany incorporated the Grandfather-Grandaughter dance on their wedding day.


Groom: Jake
Bride: Brittany


Venue: Park Place Special Events
Location: Shafter, California

“Tall Tales” by Human Pyramids courtesy of The Music Bed


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