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Wedding Helpers | Wedding Tip 064 | Evermoore Films | Enlist some helpers! There are several jobs on the wedding day: Ceremony Set-Up, Ceremony Clean-Up, Reception Set-Up, and Reception Clean-Up


It takes a village to raise a child, but it takes an army to plan a wedding! As any bride will tell you, planning a wedding takes work and a lot of it. Maybe you’ve hired a coordinator or maybe you are a DIY bride. Either way you have spent countless hours planning out every detail of your fast approaching wedding day. In your planning don’t forget to assign a crew to set up and clean up for both your ceremony and reception.

As you well know, it’s so easy for the small jobs to fall through the cracks. By planning out who will complete each job, everything will happen and will hopefully happen smoothly. If you don’t have a coordinator, make sure that every task is assigned to someone and that each someone knows exactly what to do (as much as possible). If you have a coordinator then great! They can help you double-check that nothing and nobody gets forgotten. The more organized you are the easier it will be for you and everyone, so that everyone can enjoy your special day. It won’t be hard to find willing hands—you may be pleasantly surprised at your friends and family who will be more than willing to do anything and everything to help you celebrate your wedding day.

Kyle and Leah didn’t have a coordinator but did a fabulous job of making all the wedding details come together. As you can see in their highlight film, the whole day from busy preparations to a beautiful outdoor ceremony, to the fun-filled reception, their own little army did a fantastic job!



Starring Actor: Kyle
Starring Actress: Lea

Producer: Evermoore FIlms
Cinematographers: Joshua Moore & Roman Flores
Photography: Gina Escamilla
DJ: Good Time Entertainment
Venue: Park Place Parties

Way to the Future” by Katie Herzig courtesy of The MusicBed


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