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Dancing Lessons | Wedding Tip 045 | Evermore Films | If you're not sure what to do on the dance floor, just slowly spin around. Avoid rocking back and forth without moving your feet. Oh, and look at each other!


It’s the classic moment. You get engaged, buy the dress, hire a DJ, say “I Do” and arrive at the dance floor…your favorite song having just begun. But wait…NOW what do we do?! First off, if you’ve got the time and the money – dancing lessons would be a super fun idea. But if you’re walking down the aisle Saturday and there’s just no time, we’ve got a few pointers for you instead.

  • Don’t just stand there, DO something.
    • That’s right. Don’t just stand in one spot. Move around. It’s easy to say but hard to do. The best solution? Practice! Practice your First Dance at least the night or week before.
      • So number one: MOVE around the dance floor.
  • Don’t just stand there, do SOMETHING.
    • So you’re moving around the dance floor, but what are you DOING?
      • Holding hands? Check.
      • Looking at each other? Check.
      • Smiling? Check.
      • Moving your arms up and down to sway with the music (Umm..dancing?)? Check!
  • Turn and Twirl
    • But there’s one more thing you might not think is as important as it is…and that is to turn in circles.
      • From the camera’s point of view (and that may be multiple angles) we see only one side of you. Well…to be honest, so does the audience! That means that if you never turn and twirl then half the crowd only sees half of you. We’d love to see you interact and twirl and move around and keep moving and go in circles and just have fun together…after all, what else is the definition of a First Dance?

So as you’re dancing or preparing to dance, think for just a moment – not too long (don’t need to stress or analyze too deep!) – about how dancing is related to a wedding video and how in 50 years you’re going to look back and watch your First Dance from your wedding and remember how well you danced and how cute you looked! First, be sure to enjoy the moments together. Second, think about how you can be a beautiful sight for others to enjoy – a picture of what marriage should look like. We guarantee you there’ll be other brides and grooms who’ve been together years and years who will watch you and remember their own First Dance and think, “Look, honey! Look how sweet they are! Look at how much they love each other! Remember our First Dance? That was such a special time – our own wedding day! Oh, honey-bunny…I love you!” Haha! But it’s true! Well…at least Josh and I think that when we go to weddings… 😉

David and Bess had a beautiful wedding day all around I especially loved their First Dance. In a highlight video there is so much to cover so there’s only a few seconds coverage, but what was there was the smiles and laughter, turns and twirls! You know these two REALLY love each other when they look like that during their First Dance on their wedding day! Congrats again David & Bess!


David & Bess

Cinematographer: Evermoore Films
Officiant: Monsignor Sanchez
Wedding PlannerFairy Godmother A Wedding And Event Planning Company
Photographer: The Photege
Photo Booth: Viral Booth
Transportation: The Limousine Scene
DJ: Aaron’s DJ Services
Catering: Seven Oaks Country Club
Cake Designer: Tastries
Floral Design: Elegance in Bloom
Invitations: The Rainbow Colors from Etsy
Friar Tux
Bridal Dress: LA Sposa from Lovella Bridal 
Hair StylistKiko Agency
Makeup Artist: Kiko Agency

Preps Venue: Doubletree Hotel
Ceremony Venue: St. Philip the Apostle Catholic Church
Reception VenueSeven Oaks Country Club
Location: Bakersfield, CA

“Easer As Us” (Acoustic) by Michael McEachern from SongFreedom
“Easer As Us” (Acoustic) Inst by Michael McEachern from SongFreedom
“Brighter” (Inst) by FM Pilots from SongFreedom