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Mood Lighting | Wedding Tip 045 | Evermoore Films | When the sun turns in for the night and the party is just getting started, light those candles and tiki torches for some romantic mood lighting!


As darkness falls, you’ll need to be prepared. While outdoor weddings are beautiful, they can be tricky if you haven’t thought through some crucial points. Light is a big factor. Especially for photographers and videographers and cinematographers! To the human eye we can adjust easily and quickly to change in light (well, on a relative scale at least), but to the cameras light can be a big problem or a perfect setting. As the sun sets, light changes with every passing second. And when it’s gone, it’s gone, and there’s no coming back – until tomorrow (which, by the way, always happens, thank goodness!).

So if you’re getting married at an outdoor wedding venue then come prepared with a solution to light. Use light to your advantage and create a beautiful atmosphere of romance for your wedding day. Rentals companies offer a plethora of options for weddings: candles, string lights or twinkle lights, hanging lanterns, floating lanterns, tiki torches…why, you could even hire a fire dancer in Bakersfield! There’s something unique about the light of real fire – something that just fits with weddings. So as you continue preparing for your upcoming wedding, think about what mood lighting you could incorporate – to any outdoor or indoor wedding – to invite the romantic, wedding air of joy and love.