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The Little Ones | Wedding Tip 050 | Evermoore Films | While preparing for your wedding day, be sure to include your Flower Girl in the girly fun. Maybe she can get a few curls and a dab of lipstick too!

Sometimes it’s easy for the little ones to get lost in the shuffle. But these darling flower girls are too cute to forget! When planning out who your flower girl(s) will be, think about if you want to have them be with you while you’re getting ready – or at least at the end for the touch ups. Such precious little eyes soak in all the things that are happening on a wedding day and it’s always cute to get a shot of the dreamy eyes looking up at the big white dress or concentrating on being oh so still for some light pink blush. Doll up the little petunia with some curls, a headband, frilly shoes, or a dab of lipstick and let her join in the fun in her own quiet way.

Jeremy and Sarah had the cutest little flower girl with the softest brown eyes. You could see the wheels in her head turning and perhaps some of those memories will last for years to come, watching how “the big girls” get ready for a wedding day. These and more are such precious moments to re-watch on video – moments to catch when you’re not looking and moments you just don’t want to forget. Enjoy Jeremy & Sarah’s wedding highlight film and be sure to watch for the sweet little flower girl!



: Jeremy & Sarah
Location: Bakersfield, CA
Ceremony & Reception Venue: Private Residence
Photographer: Lauryn Maurette Photography




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