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Makeup Artist | Wedding Tip 020 | Evermoore Films

Your wedding day is a special day that you give yourself to your spouse. It is not an ordinary day of “whatever” but is a special day of occasions, gifts, treats, traditions, memories, thankfulness, anticipation…and so much more. It is a happy, joyful day in which you present your best, look your best, and look for the best in each other and others.

Brides, one fun way to make this a special day is to get “all purty-ed up”. To wear a special dress, to fix your hair, and to get your make-up done helps make the day a memorable one. There are two ways to getting the job done when it comes to make-up. One: DIY. Two: Get someone else. There are two ways to get someone else. One: Ask a friend. Two: Hire a make-up artist.

What’s the best choice? You decide what’s best for you.
DIY: You save on money by not asking someone else.
ASK A FRIEND: You don’t worry about the stress of messing up, but instead have someone you know worry about the details so that you don’t have to. If they know you well they can understand you and what “look” you’re going for on your wedding day. Be sure to tip them even if they don’t charge you!
HIRE A MAKE-UP ARTIST: You pamper yourself and have an experienced, professional make-up artist “do you up” – someone who can do a trial run with you and tell you exactly which products are best and will make you look your best. They will know how to adjust the style of make-up to fit your personality and “look” for your wedding day. A professional artist is reliable, won’t be late, and will keep you on schedule!

Marteen & Noelle had a memorable wedding day full of new and old, silly and fun traditions. The bride arrived to the ceremony on a tractor and they had Legos for cake toppers! She was thankful to have a make-up artist at her wedding so that she didn’t have to stress but could just enjoy the day.