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Yes video…what kind?

You know you need to make a video for your business, but maybe you’re not sure what kind of video will be most effective to accomplish your goal. Well, first you need to have a goal and then you need to figure out what kind of video will best accomplish that goal. 

What’s your purpose?

There’s lots of reasons why you might need a video for your business. Believe it or not, videos can actually solve problems for your business! Videos can also help the creativity of your business and when you’re a creative person or when you’ve got some creative ideas about how to use video for your business, you can come up with some pretty cool stuff. Every year people come up with new ways to solve problems, have fun, and get information out using video.

Perhaps you need to bring awareness to a topic, or maybe you’re looking to sell a product. Maybe you need to work harder at establishing your position in the community or maybe your customers need online support. Videos can also help save major time in training…all of these are great reasons to make a video and there’s so much more!

What kinds of videos are there?

Here is just a small list of different types of video your business might need:

  • promo video
  • product or service ad
  • testimonials
  • special deals or holiday sales
  • brand film
  • info video
  • explainer videos
  • training videos,
  • TV commercial
  • virtual tour
  • website welcome video
  • how to videos
  • event highlights
  • series of videos
  • video campaign

I love it, but I’m stuck

Understand it all but feeling like you don’t know where to begin? We can help! Give us a call and we’d love to discuss your goals, what videos you might need, and how that might all fit together.

Special offers

We’re currently offering a special deal on our info videos that might be just what you’re looking for! Visit our special deals webpage before April 17th, 2020 for details www.evermoorefilms.com/april17 or contact us by filing out our online form here or give us a call at (661) 589-4000 to talk about your next video project.

Further research

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Evermoore Films LLC is a video production company based in Bakersfield, California. Serving clients since 2012, we’ve worked with local, national, and global companies from a wide range of industries. From positioning your brand to selling a specific product to training employees, we’ve created all kinds of videos to help business communicate with their clients, employees, and future market through announcements, documentation, explainer videos, advertisements, and more.