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What kind of wedding videos do you offer?

A wedding video is a wedding video right? You either get one or you don’t? Well…it’s not that simple. There are several different kinds of wedding videos and in order for us to understand each other best we need to establish a little common vocabulary…define the terms, you know? Lot of brides ask about wedding highlight videos, but sometimes they don’t know there are other options too! Let’s talk about the different kinds of wedding videos we here at Evermoore Films offer and then we can talk about what YOU want for YOUR wedding!


When getting a wedding video, you’ve got options

Now, when you’re looking for a wedding video…you’ve got options. You can get a short video, a long video, a fancy video, or a simple video…and pretty much everything in between. That’s right, we’ve got all kinds of wedding videos to choose from. But in order to talk about it in a way that makes sense, we need to break our videos into three main categories: highlights, long videos, and raw footage. All kinds of different videographers call them all different kinds of things, but these three categories are what pretty much everything boils down to as far as getting a wedding video for your wedding day.

1. Wedding highlight videos

Let’s start with a highlight video. Popularized in the early 2000’s, a cinematic highlight video overviews your entire day and can be anywhere from one to fifteen minutes long. It’s always set to music and sometimes includes audio from your wedding day. Within the group of wedding highlight videos there are plenty…and I mean PLENTY of options. You can get just music or audio too, you can get a standard simple highlight video or an over-the-top custom designed highlight video, you can get a “just capture the events and put them in a highlight together” video or a “capture everything and tell me a story” video, you can get a “just get something on camera even if people are just posing for pictures” or a three-day destination wedding love story plus same day edit that jerks you to tears and gives you goosebumps every time you watch (even if you don’t even KNOW the couple!!). So yes, there are plenty of different kinds of wedding videos, wedding video styles, and wedding videographers who specialize in their own niche of wedding videography. But here’s the great part. You pick YOU. You choose who will best fit YOUR style and desires so that YOU will be most happy because at the end of the day, you’ll have your wedding highlight video for LIFE and you get to decide what YOU want. Moving on…

2. Long videos

Then there’s long videos. Okay…so this encompasses almost everything else other than a wedding highlight video. These are your traditional hour-long edited videos that capture your entire ceremony and reception events. Now don’t get me wrong – just because they’re an hour long doesn’t mean they’re boring. And yet, just because they’re an hour long doesn’t mean you will watch them every week or every month. In fact…they don’t all have to be an hour long! We offer a range of long wedding video options – sometimes just a portion of the ceremony or specific wedding reception event. Just because you are getting a long video doesn’t mean that it’s real-time completed unedited with the entire event (whatever that is) with no stops. In fact, with our Feature Film we love to include little extra glimpses of wedding details as a mini highlight of the ambiance of the event besides just “what happened.” So yeah…the story story is: you’ve got options even when it comes to long videos. They’re not all created equal 😉

3. Raw footage

Then lastly there’s raw footage, which is like a box of negatives. Every shot from the camera, completely unedited. The good, the bad, the ugly. This is perfect for the bride who wants to ensure that she “gets everything” and usually that includes everything and everyone (at least as much as possible) that we see on a wedding day. There are good things and bad things about getting the raw footage but if you know you want it, then get it. And if you don’t care about it, it’s not for you.

So wedding highlight videos, long videos, and raw footage. You can get just one or you can get all three. And even within those categories there are options as well…so the bottom line is: YES we offer lots of different kinds of wedding videos and we’d be happy to talk you through which ones you need/want if you’re not sure. Browse our sample wedding videos to compare each of the different kinds of videos we offer and contact us when you’re ready to talk details about your wedding!

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