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Last week we talked about surprising your husband with love notes hidden around the house in fun places. We know of several women who’ve done this before and it’s always been a fun surprise for their men – you can almost guarantee a smile and a kiss right back. But this time let’s take loving your husband to a different level, from a different perspective.

This tip is all about your husband, but all directed toward your mother-in-law. Whether your mother-in-law is local or distant, schedule a few minutes – even 5 or 10 – in your week to give her a special phone call and tell her how much her son means to you. Thank her for spending years of her life raising him into the man he has become, and recount something special you see in him because of her.

Share with her a special story of something wonderful or silly that he did or said recently that made you smile and love him even more. You can stay simple in your praise or you can get all lovey-dovey – that’s up to you and your relationship with her. But the point is: there is a relationship no matter what, so take a moment to develop it and send her a little word of encouragement and thanks.

After all, how many times did you thank your OWN mother for raising you? We all know mothers (and yes, even mother-in-laws) are way under-thanked in this world and wouldn’t it be wonderful to just spread a little joy and offer a happy word? So call her up, write her a card to receive in the mail, send her flowers, or whatever you do just be thankful and encouraging with no strings attached. Thank her from the bottom of your heart for what she did to contribute to your husband’s character, attitude, or whatever you want to point out about your husband that you love. Be short and sweet or go all out!

Enjoy this little adventure and tell us if you tried it and how it worked by commenting on our Instagram or Facebook page!

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