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Just tell me how much a video costs

No, we’re not stalling. But we can’t give you a price unless you tell us what you want! What you want determines the price. Unless you’re looking for something super standard and straight-forward, we’ll probably need to put a quote together for you so we can customize your video to your needs. How much does a video cost? Let’s talk.

Maximize your return on investment

“I need a video. How much will that cost?” Well, let’s put this in terms of buying a car. “How much is a car?” Well, it depends on what kind of car you want. Do you want a Hot Wheels car, a remote control car, or do you want to drive around in something? Does it need air conditioning? Do you need room for kids? Are you looking for a Honda or a Lamborghini? In some sense, the question isn’t “How much does a video cost?” it’s actually “How much do you want to spend?”

There’s endless options for the cost of your video. We can make a video for $100, $1,000, $10,000, or $100,000. It all depends on what you need, what you want, and what you can afford. The big question is “How much should I spend to maximize my return on investment?”

Get multiple price quotes

Getting the cheapest video is not always the best option. You’ll probably want to ask for multiple price options when you’re looking for a video. When you walk in to the situation with an idea in your head or a budget in mind, that’s really helpful. But when you’ve got big ideas and small checkbook it can be frustrating for yourself because you can’t get what you know you want or know you need and it can be frustrating for the videographer because they can’t deliver what they know you want or what they know you need. 

By asking for multiple price options you’re able to look at your situation a little more objectively and think “What video does this business need?” rather than “What video do I want?” You’re also able to get a feel for the videographer’s creativity in coming up with multiple solutions to your problem…something simple, something complicated, something cheaper, something more expensive. Again, the thing to remember is…it’s not all about the money. It’s what you’ll get (whether money or something else) from the money you invest and THAT should have been determined in the first step while you were deciding what video to make in the first place.

I’m sold!

Ready to pull the trigger and start the conversation? Let’s talk about your ideas, your goals, how to maximize your return on investment with multiple price quotes and get your next video in the que!

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