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Fidgetless | Wedding Speech Tip #34 | Evermoore Films | Plan ahead how you will battle the fight to fidget. Hold on to the mic, hold on to your speech, hold on to your glass, or gesture with your hands.


Good public speakers don’t fidget. They stand tall, look you in the eye, keep your attention, say what they need to say, and sit down. How do they do it? Well…some would say they’re just talented. Some would say they were born to speak. But others would say it’s called “The Art of Speaking” and it’s a beautiful skill that can be learned. They may or may not have always been great at public speaking. They may have had to fail more than once before getting it right. But they always got back up again and kept on trying.

One of these valuable lessons good public speakers have had to learn is to fight the urge to fidget. Here’s a way you could try this. First, plant your feet firmly on the ground. By taking away the variable of movement you lessen your own distractions to fidget, pace, or appear nervous. Then, maintain eye contact with just a few key people in the crowd – people dispersed throughout the entire room. Now, hold the mic nice and close to your mouth so that you can project your voice and be heard confidently. Feel free to pause and take a breath and not feel the need to race through your speech to just get it over with. Once you’re confident with these basic steps, then you can move on to include gestures in your speech and use your hands purposefully to avoid fidgeting.

Joshua and Erin were so thankful to have the father of the groom stand and give a speech of love and encouragement to his son and new daughter. You can see the love and emotion that poured out of his heart as he gladly welcomed Erin into the family. Memories like these are why couples need to capture their wedding on film!



Starring: Joshua & Erin

Cinematographer: Evermoore Films
OfficiantFather Chumar
Photographer: Cindy Kline
DJ/MC: Freestyle Event Services
Reception Decor: JEH Ranch
CateringJEH Ranch
Cake: Sweet Surrender
Music License: “Love You, Too” by Jenna Bryson from SongFreedom

Preparations Venue: Private Residence
 Venue: San Clemente Mission
Photo LocationThe Padre Hotel
VenueJEH Ranch
Location: Bakersfield, CA