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Stand Still | Wedding Speech Tip #37 | Try to talk while standing still instead of pacing the floor and moving in and out of focus for the camera. It helps us make you look good!

One of the first techniques that a nervous person reverts to in a speech is to fidget. One of the most obvious ways of fidgeting is to pace the floor. One of the best ways to convince your audience that you are confident and prepared is by standing tall, standing still, and refraining from pacing and fidgeting. By standing in one pre-designated place, multiple good things can result. First, if planned correctly, the person giving the wedding speech will have a perfect view of both the bride and groom as well as the audience. No, the groom’s second cousin’s uncle from the back far left table might not have a perfect view of the speaker, but that’s not the purpose. The purpose is that first, the speaker be able to see clearly whom he or she is addressing, first and foremost the bride and groom, and second the audience.

Second, by standing within an invisible two-foot radius mark, the speaker is given some room to relax, but is placed in the optimum spot for lighting so that the bride, the groom, the audience, AND the cameras can view the speaker from the best possible angles. If the speaker roams in the dark and approaches each table with the microphone, certain members in the audience might get an extra special view, but the quality of the film and photos are sacrificed for this usually unnecessary gesture, not to mention the bride and groom will be able to hear but not see the speaker. Third, many people write their speeches on their phones or pull out their phone for a quote during their toast. When the speaker uses a phone AND walks around with the mic in front of the speakers, they’re just asking for loud ringing feedback noises…an unpleasant experience for EVERYONE at the reception. When in doubt, leave it out. Just stay where you are and refrain from moving around.

Matthew and Stephanie had a beautiful wedding at South Coast Winery where they had a gorgeous ceremony and well-planned reception. The father of the groom is pictured above, giving a toast to the newlywed couple and wishing them happiness in their life to come (which, by the way, has been awesome so far!). We loved the way he perfectly exemplified standing still during the toast, still able to relax, but in a perfect position for the cameras and people at the same time. Congrats again Matthew & Stephanie!



Starring Actor: Matthew
Starring Actress: Stephanie

Producer: Evermoore Films
Cinematographers: Joshua Moore, Emily Moore, and Kim Freels
Wedding Planner: Fairy Godmother a Wedding and Event Planning Company
PhotographerJessica Fairchild Photography
DJ/MCAllSound Music Entertainment
Officiant: Paul Prelle
CateringSouth Coast Winery
Cake: Sweet Layers
Florist: Soiree Design & Events
Tuxedos: Mr. Tuxedo
Hair Stylist & Makeup Artist: Hair & Makeup by Erica
Invitations: Matinae Design Studio

Wedding VenueSouth Coast Winery
Location: Temecula, California