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First Look | Wedding Tip 032 | Evermoore Films

Throughout these wedding tips, we’ve created several categories of information…tips specifically related to video, photos, venue, cake, attire, etiquette, and more! Find the categories clearly laid out on our website under Wedding Day Tips. The category this tip falls into is “Venue” in which we first discussed Location One and Location Two in the importance of Preparations. Today we’re looking at Location Three: the First Look.

Most couples either love it or hate it. Tradition says no peeking for the groom until the bride and her daddy walk down the aisle in the church for the first time. In the old days the bride would usually cover her face with a veil so that not even the groom could be sure it was her! Thank goodness times have changed! In a new tradition, the bride sneaks up behind the groom (okay, okay, it IS planned) and taps him on the shoulder so that he turns around and his eyes pop out at the beauty before him! Now THAT is NOT staged! Every couple is different, every groom is different, and some couples love the idea while others decide to add another twist. There are plenty of other ways to create a special moment called the First Look. The bride and groom could walk toward each other from far away, or the two lovebirds could compromise the tradition and hold hands around a corner so that they can HEAR each other but still not SEE each other.

Kevin & Tia chose to have their First Look on a beautiful, spacious grassy knoll at JEH Ranch. Kevin sure was surprised and the two of them realized together that This. Was. It. and today was their wedding day. Their contagious joy lasted all day and into the night as the sweet couple were joined by family and friends to celebrate their special day!