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In Film, Music is Half the Picture

And that’s why it’s so important to get the music right. Here at Evermoore Films we like to refer to music as the soundtrack for your film. For our Signature films, we often use three, four, five songs or more to create a beautiful 6-15 minute custom wedding film. Then within each song we’ll hop back and forth sometimes between an instrumental and a lyrical track. As far as music licensing sites go, that counts as two songs each, totaling to anywhere from 6 to 10 or more songs in a wedding film! We fade, we jump, we cut, we repeat, we have to find the perfect transition beat, the perfect intro, the perfect ending, and of course the perfect timing for the events that happen on screen. There’s A LOT that goest in to choosing your music!

That One Song

We are constantly listening for good songs. Sometimes we come across a song while editing or typing or packing and our ears perk up. “Ooo yes…this is unique. Save it!” And we save it and save it for the PERFECT couple. And sometimes that couple walks in the door and sits down in our office and we realize “It’s them! The perfect couple for that one song!” Haha…of course we don’t usually tell them…we keep it a surprise. But sometimes we walk into the wedding day knowing exactly which one or two songs we’ve just GOT to fit in to their highlight.

Dan and Sandra were one of these couples. They got married in November in the snowy mountains and had a Christmas themed Bakersfield reception in December and we had the perfect song just waiting for them! Watch “A Winter Wedding”

Once The Bags Are Unpacked

Other times we’ll go searching. We’ll have an idea of what direction we think the wedding is going to go…and then once we get home and the bags are unpacked we realize, “Nope, we need to switch gears.” Wrong direction, wrong music. We can’t force the wrong song into the wrong film. It’s gotta be THE PERFECT song. And back to the music licensing sites we go. On the hunt.

Steve and Heather were one of these couples. We had a beautiful outdoor serene wedding planned on the banks of the Kern River and it rained through the ceremony and reception and we had to rethink our musical strategy. But it turned out oh so perfect in the end! Watch “A Sign of Promise”

Nope, Redo

And THEN there’s the times where we think we hit it and then we think we fail and then nail it hard! This happens when we shoot the wedding, edit the film part-way or all the way…and then pull back and call a redo. We pull the plug on a song that just didn’t quite fit even to the end. Sometimes we’re worried that we have too high of expectations, but the bride almost always comes back with tears and expressing just how perfect it all was and we breathe a sigh of relief that our gut was right!

Angelo and Emily were one of these couples. We were literally ready to put the final touches on the film and send it out and call it good. Then we watched it again and again and said, “There’s something off. We need to start from scratch.” And we literally did. Every song got thrown out and replaced…but by the time we were finished with it…it was exactly what we were going for. I still get goosebumps when I watch that film! Watch “Never Stop Dreaming”

Can I choose my own song?

Is there a song you just absolutely love and would die to not have in your wedding highlight film? Or would you prefer to just browse yourself and choose a song or two that defines you and your style? We let our Evermoore brides and grooms help choose their own wedding soundtrack if they want, and if they request a legally licensable song we’d love to include it in their film!

Adrian and Rosario were one of these couples. Rosario wanted “A Thousand Years” by Katie Perry and we found it on one of our licensing sites! Watch “Forever and Ever”

Can it be any song?

Here’s the ONLY catch with choosing your own song for your wedding film. It has to be legal. Here at Evermoore Films we operate legally and will not steal someone’s song without paying for it. All of our music in all of our films is licensed legally through various music licensing sites…MusicBed, SongFreedom, Soundstripe, and Triple Scoop Music to name a few. So YES you can you choose ANY song that is legal for us to use!

You tell us. Watch We Will Always Have Paris or The World Went Silent” or Time Will Stop and tell us that music isn’t half the picture.