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Photo Spot | Wedding Tip 042 | Evermoore Films | Location Four: Photo Time. You'll need an area to take photos of the bride and her girls, the groom and his guys, and the whole happy party together. Plan ahead!

There are several locations that you need to think about when planning a wedding.

Location One: Girl Preparations
Location Two: Guy Preparations
Location Three: First Look (if applicable)
Location Four: Photo Spot

Besides taking pictures inside the church or at the ceremony spot, you may want to plan some pretty outdoor photos or an indoor spot that has good lighting or creative backdrops. Remember, these are photos you’ll look back on for years to come, so think hard about your style and what you think you’ll still love in 50 years. Do you want to go classy? Formal? Goofy? Artsy? It’s up to you; there are no rights or wrongs, but agree as a couple where would be a sweet place to pass and say, “Oh look, kids, that’s where mom and dad took our wedding photos!”

So for you extra organized brides (or you brides who aren’t organized and know you need to be), the nitty-gritty take-away is this:

Location Four A: Bridesmaids Photo Spot
Location Four B: Groomsmen Photo Spot
Location Four C: Bridal Party Photo Spot

They can be the same place as long as you keep the bride hiding from the groom until the ceremony or first look!

Morgan and her girls went to The Padre Hotel for preparations and took some fun photos of them hanging out before the ceremony. It worked perfect being so close so that more time was gained during the wedding day!