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Funny is Good | Wedding Speech Tip #18 | Evermoore Films

If you’re not sure What To Say,
but you know It’s Their Day,
then Tell A Story,
and feel free to Be Funny!

It’s important to have some humor in life and that even means in a great wedding speech. If you’re giving a toast, help the bride and groom enjoy their day and feel comfortable by including in a fun memory from the past or silly tradition you used to share together. Remember, we’re here to capture what happens – not just in photos but on video. So think ahead and plan out what you’re going to say as wise words to remember for years as well as something fun to remember the day by!

Brian & Ashley sure had a fun wedding, complete with wedding vow giggles, superhero groomsmen socks, and a baseball-themes cake-topper! But even better to remember it by, Ashley’s twin gave a hilarious speech followed by other great toasts and everyone enjoyed the wedding day, laughing all the way!