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Speak Out | Wedding Speech Tip #16 | Evermoore Films

As you prepare your wedding speech be sure to prepare your public speaking skills! One important tip for speaking in front of people is to make sure you speak out. Remember the context of the speech: a room full of guests. Sure, you want to Introduce Yourself and of course Tell A Story that’s personable and fun, but you also want to balance making sure It’s Their Day.

So speak out and relate to everyone in the room. Season your speech with kindness, gentleness, and otherness. It’s always courteous to address the bride, the groom, the parents, the bridal party, the guests, and the vendors. Even just a short thank you goes a long way – to just show you care!

Marteen & Noelle invited close friends and family to their mountain wedding and enjoyed hearing sweet words of encouragement from each of their toasters. Again, everyone did a great job at talking to the crowd – you wouldn’t even know they were nervous!