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Whether you’re looking for a wedding coordinator, wedding planner, wedding designer, or event producer, we’ve worked with some of all of them! For ease of research we’re combining them all today, since some offer multiple services within their own company while others exclusively offer only one style of “coordinating.” But we hope this list will be helpful for those of you who are wondering if we’ve worked with your coordinator or designer or for those of you who are looking around to see who offers wedding coordinating services.

Keep in mind that this is merely a list of coordinators we’ve worked with since we started Evermoore Films back in 2012, and there may be some companies or individuals that have since stopped offering their services or who may have moved out of the area. We’ve worked with Bakersfield coordinators and wedding coordinators from all around California, but most are up for traveling so whether you’re planning a wedding local to Kern County or looking for a destination wedding planner, we think you’ll benefit from browsing! Click on a coordinator’s company or name to see a sample wedding video that we worked with them.